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· Grading will occur on a variety of assignments including writing, worksheets, oral presentations, quizzes, tests,

participation and group projects.

· Please check Aeries frequently to check your grade and make sure everything is accurate.     

· If you have a question or concern about your grade you must make an appointment. Do not ask about your

grade during class.  An appropriate time to make an appointment is during office hours: Monday - Friday 1:30 - 2:30 PM

·  Standard Grading Scale will be used in this class:                                                                                               

   90-100=A    80-89 = B      70-79= C      60-69=D       0-59= F


  • Assignments fall into the following categories:  

        Homework/Classwork 20%                         Unit Exams/Midterms 25%                            

        Participation 15%,                                         Final Exam 15%      

        Quizzes & Performances 25%    


•     In order to get full credit (5 points) for your homework you must attempt every problem.  

•     Don’t leave anything blank. Only completed homework will be accepted.

•     Late homework will only be accepted if it is complete and will be given 3 points. 

Late work

  • Late homework will only be accepted if it is complete and will be given 3 points. 

  • Students will lose one letter grade for any late projects. 

  • If you know that you will be absent on the day an assignment is due, you must make arrangements with the teacher prior to the absence to ensure that you get full credit.


  • During class, use Spanish at every opportunity!
  • We will be using this participation rubric to determine the grade you have earned.


  • One retake per quiz will be allowed in order to give students opportunities to show their mastery.

  • Before the retake:

    • a parent-student-teacher phone conference will take place to discuss why the student scored low and what the student plans to do to improve on the retake, and how to prevent a low score in the future.

    • the student will have to complete reflective quiz corrections to demonstrate that they’ve made a genuine effort to study.

  • Please note that the grade on the retake quiz will be the final grade.


  • Cheating, copying, or helping someone without authorization will result in a ZERO with no opportunity to make-up work.

  • Unapproved translation programs, websites, and APPs (i.e. Google Translate) may not be used for any assignment. If a student is found to have used such an aide, he or she will earn a ZERO with no opportunity to make-up work.

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 Grade Distribution

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